Horizontal Directional Drilling Uk

Directional Drilling

effective and profitable

Using our Directional Drilling method we are able to install pipelines in a single operation utilising a variety of materials, with diameters of up to 1000mm and lengths up to 500m.

Directional Drilling prevents the need for expensive and unnecessary trenching methods which can be harmful to the environment and create excessive amounts of wasted materials. Most trenching works create a high impact on local surroundings, these can be extremely unpleasing to the eye whilst also bringing very high installation expenses. Complete Moling Services (SE) Ltd aim to reduce those costs, enabling your requirements to become more cost-effective and profitable for you/your business. Horizontal Directional Drilling Uk offers our clients quality Directional Drilling, even where space is constrained, our expert team can take on any job, No project is unreasonably small for us, and we can introduce channels and conduits with our premium drill on numerous local destinations in spite of room imperatives. We can even securely drill underneath houses, rivers, roadways and railroads. This is perfect for introducing utilities under deterrents where you can't channel, for example, under roadways, railways or any location that requires horizontal directional drilling. With this innovation, we can introduce utilities up to 1000mm in width, over long separations.

Some of the tasks we undertake for our regular clients are:

• Motorway and Carriageway crossings installing both single and multi ducts
• Railway crossings at all depths to fit within our settlement calculations to fall within NR guidelines
• River Crossings preventing the need for pipe bridges and additional costs
• Active runway crossings, preventing impossible trenching and flight cancellations
• Drilling under untouchable areas like protected parks, listed buildings etc.
• Pipeline installations under buildings
• Deep drainage installations
• HV cable duct installations
• All Chemical pipeline installations