Directional Drilling Contractors


If you're looking for a professional directional drilling contractors, then you're in the right place. Here at Complete Moling, we are a directional drilling contractors that cater expert services to clients based in Kent and Essex. We cover areas such h as Rochester, Basildon, Billericay, Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Chingwell. Besides delivering expert directional drilling services to these locations, we also cater our services to clients in all surrounding areas. By utilising our Directional Drilling methods, we are able to install pipelines in a single operation penetrating a variety of materials including rock, with diameters of up to 710mm and distances up to 600m between launch and receptions.

Directional Drilling prevents the need for costly and unnecessary trenching methods which can be harmful to the environment and create unwarranted amounts of waste materials. Directional Drilling also prevents intrusive excavations in sensitive areas and reduces disruptions to the general public when working in highways and other public areas.

Trenching activities adversely impact local surroundings, Construction costs and Environmental aspects. Directional Drilling significantly reduces all of these impacts enabling delivery of client and customer requirements with

  • Reduced disruption
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced program of works
  • Reduced use of import / export materials
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Examples of Directional Drilling Installations undertaken for clients and customers:

  • Motorway and Carriageway
  • Railway crossings
  • River Crossings
  • Active airport runway crossings
  • Protected areas (parks, listed buildings etc)
  • Physical obstructions (buildings, trees)
  • Deep drainage installations
  • Pipelines installed to line and level gradients

  • Duct installations
  • HV/ LV electricity duct installations
  • Chemical pipeline installations
  • Water Mains/ Service installations
  • Gas Mains/ Service Installations
  • Sewer Installations
  • Storm Installations