Impact Moling



Complete Moling Services are well established and are one of the most recognised companies in the South East for provision of Trenchless Technology Solutions.

Impact Moling is utilised for the installation of pipeline sizes up to 90mm diameter. Impact Moling is carried out in lengths of up to 20 meters.

Impact Moling is generally used for pipe installations in small and hard to access areas and is regularly used for short point to point pipe installations avoiding trenching activities and associated disturbances such as highway reinstatements and noticing.

The method also reduces environmental impacts by reducing imported and exported materials and reducing carbon outputs by reducing the need for transportation of materials.

Complete Moling provide an efficient Impact Moling service which is quicker, cleaner, less intrusive, and cheaper than other traditional open cut pipe laying methods.

Examples of Impact Moling Pipe Installations undertaken for clients & customers:

Impact Moling is carried out in a wide variety of ground conditions with the exception of hard ground (rock).

Impact Moling is carried out to avoid excavations in sensitive areas such as:

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